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  A Brief Introduction to the General Hospital of the Air Force


  The General Hospital of the Air Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army was founded in Oct. 1956. For more than 50 years, bearing in mind the purpose of providing service for PLA officers and soldiers and abiding by the guideline “Striving for excellent medical expertise, full of enthusiasm for work”, we strive to build a first-class modern hospital. Through the efforts of several generations, now it has developed into a Third-Tier-Class-A hospital that integrates medical service, teaching and training, scientific research, disease prevention and health care.
  The hospital is located at No.30 Fucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing, People's Republic of China, occupying an area of 150 thousand square meters and a floor space of 300 thousand square meters, with therapy buildings of 110 thousand square meters.
  There were more than 1.2 million outpatient visits, 21 thousand admissions and 12 thousand operations. The hospital possesses a substantial number of state-of-the-art equipments for medical and research purposes which include PET-CT, Dual-Source CT, high field & low field MR systems, DSA, 2μm laser endoscope system, which are worth more than 360 million Yuan.
  The hospital was awarded the title of “International Baby Friendly Hospital” in 1993 by WHO. In 1994, it was assessed as a Third-Tier-Class-A hospital by Health Department of PLA General Logistics. In 1996 and 2000 respectively, the hospital was appraised as one of the designated hospitals for “Comprehensive Arrangement for Serious Diseases” and the designated hospitals of medical insurance services in Beijing. In 1996 and 1998 respectively, the hospital was appointed by Health Department of PLA General Logistics and National Ministry of Health as military and national pharmacology Research base. The hospital has been the model hospital of good service for the troops as well as the model hospital of PLA for consecutive 6 years since 2002. The hospital was awarded one of “China's top 100 hospitals” in 2009.
  The hospital undertakes the medical care of air force officers and soldiers in Beijing as well as the medical selection, health evaluation and treatment of aviators, medical examination of newly modified aircraft aviators and selection of astronauts.
  The hospital has 1100 patient beds, and more than 50 clinical, medical and technological departments. A stong professional team of more than 1500 staff members work for the hospital, among whom, there are 276 with senior professional titles, 9 postdoctoral researchers,297 doctorial and Master'degree owners, 1 chief expert of the Air Force,13 experts of the Air Force level, and 15 senior committee members in the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission.
  The hospital has 1 National-Level Outstanding Discipline ( Dermatology Discipline of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine), 2 National-Level Clinical Centers of Special Disease (Spine Center of Manual Therapy of China State Administration of TCM and Metabolic Disease Center of China State Administration of TCM), 1 Medical Research Institute of PLA ( Research Institute of Dermatological Disease), and 6 PLA Clinical Centers of Special Disease (PLA Clinical Center of Aviation Medicine, PLA Clinical Center of TCM Manipulative Orthopedics, PLA Center of Haploidentical Bone Marrow Transplantation, PLA Center of Radiation Oncology, PLA Endoscope Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Small Intestine Disease, and PLA Center of Family Planning, Eugenetics and Optimized Children Nurturing Technology), 1 Air Force Clinical Medical Research Institute,7 Air Force Clinical Research Centers. The hospital is the National Medicine Clinical Test Organization and PLA Clinical Pharmacology Research Base. Furthermore, the hospital was one of the first hospitals that were authorized to carry out human organ (kidney) transplantation.
  The General Hospital of the Air Force will further carry on its excellent traditional practices, faithfully perform the sacred duty and mission of the military hospital, persist in providing high quality medical service for PLA officers, soldiers and civilian people and bring to the hospital a new harmonious and growing situation.




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