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The Department of Anesthesiology

The Department of Anesthesiology is an important assistance department of surgery with prominent function in the hospital. It was founded in 1966, now is an comprehensive discipline that integrates clinical anesthesia, pre-hospital care, therapy of pain, teaching and training of some medical universities, and scientific research. In 2006 it was authorized by Beijing Municipal Health Bureau as the training base of anesthesia physicians.
There are 44 staff members working for the department, among whom 6 people hold senior titles, 1 person is a doctorial degree owner, and 6 persons are master's degree owners, and one is a master's tutor. Xue Xiao-dong, male,with a senior professional title, is the director of the department.
The Department of Anesthesiology is mainly responsible for anesthesia task of clinical operations, monitoring and treatment during peroperative period, and helping to rescue critical and severe patients. Each year around 8000 cases of anesthesia are carried out in operations,including many complicated high-risk surgeries such as organ transplantation, cardiovascular surgery, chest surgery, surgeries of the elder and baby or young children, plastic surgery, intervention examination, endoscope diagnosis & therapy ,etc. Especially we have carried out anesthesia for operations of special aged patients from neonate to 106 years old with operation safety assurance. Moreover, the department carries out operation anesthesia for urinary endoscope surgery, laser therapy and plastic surgery, painless gastroenterological endoscope and catheterization, painless abortion and delivery, and so on.
We have abundant clinical experiences in pain management and resuscitation. Anesthesia methods include general anesthesia, intraspinal anesthesia, nerve blocking anesthesia,and so on.
The department possesses a substantial number of state-of-the-art equipments such as multi-functional anesthetic machine, heart lung machine, multiparameter monitor, blood gas/electrolyte analyzer, monitor of anesthesia gas ,monitor of anesthesia depth, dynamic blood monitor, blood glucose monitor , bronchofibroscope, micro-injection pump, TCI pump, operation microscope, video-laparoscope, stereo-encephaloscope, arthroscope, choledochoscope, diskoscope, rhino-endoscope, hysteroscope, C type X-ray, ultrasound emulsifier homogenizer, ultrasound knife, argon knife and so on, which are worth more than 40 million RMB Yuan.
To meet the need of quality medication, we assigned some anesthesiologists to go abroad to study as advanced visiting scholar .New techniques, methods and drugs have been applied in daily operation anesthesia, such as per-esophagus echo, venting with laryngeal mask,endotracheal tubus fixing through bronchofibroscope guidance and difficult tracheal cannula, neuro-vascular ultrasound localization, monitoring of anesthesia depth, dynamic blood gas monitoring and so on, the department demonstrates its commitment to keep every patient as safe as possible.
The department has 15 purified operation rooms, among them,2 hecto-grade operation rooms,2 underpressure operation rooms,11 kilo-grade operation rooms and high tech purifying air conditioning system to ensure an ideal operation environment, which is important to improve operation quality, lower infection rate after operation.
The staff member of the department will wholeheartedly serve for the patients, improve anesthesia quality, to lower the pain of patients and ensure the safety of patients.


Introduction of experts
Xue Xiaodong
Born in Feb.1962, graduated from Xingjiang Medical University in 1995 with a master degree, now director of Anesthesiology Department, chief physician ,expert of clinical anesthesiology, has been engaged in anesthesia since 1984,is now a standing committee member of Anesthesiology Professional Committee of Chinese Medical Association and a committee member of First Chinese Branch Professional Committee of International Pain Management Professional Committee. He began to carry out application of flexible bronchofiberscope in peroperative period and intubating laryngeal mask(ILMA)in difficult airway in 2006,solved some tough problems of  difficult airway catheterization in clinical anesthesiology. He is especially good at anesthesia management and rescuing of critical and severe patients, has abundant practical experience.

Yang Xiaoming
Born in Feb.1965, graduated from Tongji Medical University in 2001 with MD degree, associate chief physician ,now vice director of Anesthesiology Department, expert of clinical anesthesiology, has been engaged in anesthesia since 1989. He has been a senior visiting scholar in Charite Hospital of Germany for one year, learned some advanced anesthesia techniques and applied in daily work. He is especially good at anesthesia in operations such as traumatic surgery, organ transplantation, cardiovascular surgery, chest surgery, pain management, intensive care of senium and peroperative anesthesia management .He has abundant practical experience in  rescuing of critical & severe patients and ventilation treatment. He has already published 15 papers, and innovated 3 anesthesia techniques.

Huang Junmei
Born in 1967, associate chief physician, graduated from Xu-zhou Medical University in 1990 with a bachelor degree, and graduated from Xu-zhou Medical University in 1996 with a master degree. She has been engaged in clinical anesthesia from graduation and is good at heart anesthesia and severe patient anesthesia.

Yang Gaisheng
Born in 1967, associate chief physician,graduated from Hebei Medical University in 1991with a bachelor degree, and graduated from Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan Medical University in 2003 with a master degree. He has been engaged in clinical anesthesia from graduation and is good at heart anesthesia and severe patient anesthesia.


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