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The Department of Dermatology

  The Department of Dermatology of Air Force General Hospital was established in 1980. Now it is one of dermatology institute of the PLA and key discipline in skin diseases of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is also one of National clinical research base for new Drug, National Laboratory for cosmetics evaluation of safety and effectiveness.
  There are 60 staff members work for the department, among whom,17 persons hold senior professional titles, 8 persons are doctorial degree owners, 11 persons are master's degree owners. The department has 66 patient beds. Every year, there are more than 460,000 outpatient visits , 620 inpatients and 300 operations. Zhao Guang, male,with a senior professional title,is the director of the department. The Dermatology department is qualified to endow doctorial degree and master's degree to graduate students from the Fourth Military Medical University, Anhui Medical University and China Medical University and is also a training station for post-doctoral research. Now there are 6 doctorial and master's tutors in the department.
  The out-patient medical conditions are very good and the reception room can accommodate more than 800 patients. There are many clinics such as the clinics for special needs, expert clinics, traditional Chinese and Western Medicine clinics, general clinics and special clinics for certain diseases such as psoriasis, pigmentary diseases, mycoses, sexually transmitted disease, cosmetic dermatology, skin surgery and so on. The number of outpatient broke through 460,000 persons last year. There are 66 patient beds in the Wards of dermatology. 8 Laboratories were established to teach students and for scientific research. The department has won the country, the army and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award 19 times and 6 kinds of new technologies. An annual average of more than 30 academic papers and 15 Books were published. Researches from 4 National Natural Science Foundation, 2 from Ministry of Health, 2 from the armed forces "Eleventh Five-Year" significant research projects are on their ways. All research funds reach 2.7 million Yuan.
  The department focuses on some unique diagnosis and treatment techniques and methods and pays much attention to combination of modern technology and treatment of skin diseases, in particular, combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine has a better effect in the treatment of skin diseases. Department policy encourages talented persons to carry out research studies on some intractable, difficult diseases. New technologies for diagnosis and treatment were also encouraged. Special drugs and equipments were developed in the department. They have not only good efficacy and little side effects but also have a low cost. These drugs and equipments have improved the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, which were enjoyed by most of patients.
  "To serve the patients" has always been the aim of the department. After 20 years of hard working, this subject have progressed and developed greatly. The department forms a distinctive feature and has a coordinated development in medicine, teaching and research work. It enjoys a good reputation in the majority of patients.

Clinical features
  1. The department focuses on combination of Chinese and Western medicines and a striking feature of special disciplines was formed.
  After dedicated research and clinical practice for many years, colleagues in the department have accumulated rich clinical experience. In particular, traditional Chinese and western medicine in the treatment of skin diseases are unique. The physicians pay particular attention todisease diagnosis, probe pathogenesis of diseases, differentiate disease type and give differential treatment. The patients have been satisfied with the treatments.
  2. The department pays attention to the advantages of Chinese traditional medicine and has developed a series of traditional Chinese medicine preparations.
  We have developed more than ten kinds of drugs to treat Common skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, vitiligo, etc. Just as mentioned above, these drugs not only have good effects and little side effects but also have a low cost, which were enjoyed by many patients.
  3. The department pays much attention to characteristic Clinic needs and establishes the clinics for some certain diseases and some special-needs patients.
  To further facilitate our patients and to meet their needs, we established combination clinics of traditional Chinese and western medicine, clinics for certain diseases such as psoriasis, pigmentary diseases, mycoses, sexually transmitted disease, Cosmetic dermatology, Skin surgery, etc. and clinics for some special-needs patients. These clinics have been favorable in patients. More and more patients come to our department for treatment. Outpatient visits even reach 1,700 persons in a single day.
  4. The Department also pays attention to the technical progress and a series of diagnostic and treatment equipments have been developed and introduced.
The department have developed and introduced many instruments such as high pressure mercury lamp, liquid nitrogen spray machine, Sun simulator for measuring SPF of sunscreen, autologous vitiligo epidermal transplantation apparatus, Multi-function testing and analysis of skin image management system and so on. Moreover, some equipments such as ultraviolet therapy apparatus, skin photon therapeutic apparatus, ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus, Q-switched laser, dot laser, RF therapy apparatus, helium - neon laser, allergen detection apparatus were also introduced to the clinical and research work.



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