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The Center of Clinical Aviation Medicine

  The Center of Clinical Aviation Medicine of PLA was established originally in 1956. Now it is the postgraduate training base of aeroastromedicine and the postdoctoral station of clinical aviation medicine in Ministry of State Personnel. The clinical aviation medicine laboratory is one of the key laboratories of PLA. The center is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and health assessment of military aircrew, the center also provide medical service for the civil aviators,and provide diagnosis,treatment and health assessment for foreign military aviators. The center was appraised as advanced department in research, teaching and training by General Hospital of Air Force. The medical staff members undertake many research projects of the Air Force, the General Logistics Department of PLA and state, also responsible for the drafting of many national and military medical standards. The medical staff was rewarded a Collective Three-Class Merit and published more than 300 papers, has been honored with 11 army awards for achievements in science and technology in the past 10 years. At present there are 6 research projects under research (including 2 national research projects).
  There are 22 staff members work for the department, among whom 5 people hold senior titles, 2 persons are doctorial degree owners, 6 persons are master's degree owners, 1 person is a postdoctoral tutor, and 3 persons are master's tutors. Xu Xian-rong, male,with a senior professional title,is the director of the center.


Leading Scholar
  Xu Xianrong, male, born in August 1961, master’s degree, director of the center, professor, master tutor of the PLA postgraduate medical school and the fourth military medical university, co-mentor of post-doctoral stations of the Air Force general hospital, chief of clinical aviation medicine specialists group in general hospital of Air Force. From 1984 to 2001, he involved in the ENT clinical work, serving as physician, chief resident, attending physician, vice director and director. He has been engaging in treatment of otorhinolaryngology diseases and the health assessment of aircrew. In 2001, he was appointed as the director of the center of clinical aviation medicine of PLA. Since then, he has been focusing on the medical care, research and teaching work of clinical aerospace medicine. He carried out medical selection of aircrew, training, disease therapy, rehabilitation, health evaluation, physical examination for modified new aircrafts, and astronaut medical selection, all the achievements above have reached the domestically advanced level. He was committed to many issues of Air Force, the military and state. And he was also committed to the drafting of many national and military medical standards. He has published over 170 papers, and received 9 awards of the military scientific and technological progress and medical achievement prizes (including 3 second prizes), won a national invention patent, a utility model patent and an exterior design patent. There are 3 research projects are under research. His main academic duties: member of China Aerospace Medicine Professional Committee, member of the Air Force Medical Science Council and the Continuing Education Committee, chairman of the Air Force Clinical Aviation Medicine Professional Committee, editorial member of 《Chinese Journal of Aerospace Medicine》,《Journal of Clinical Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery》,《Journal of Audiology and Speech Pathology》,《Flight Surgeon》and 《Journal of General Hospital of Air Force》. He was appraised as outstanding military cadres, outstanding medical staff of the Air Force, the fine exemplary person of the Air Force medical ethics, won third class merit and many commendations three times. He has been appraised as technologically advanced person during “the Eleventh Five-Year" period, and advanced individual in scientific research by the Air Force General Hospital, advanced individual in teaching and outstanding graduate tutor by PLA General Hospital and PLA postgraduate medical college. And the Air Force General Hospital appraised him as the advanced individual in teaching and training.


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