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The Department of Pediatrics

  The Department of Pediatrics provide comprehensive care for children including preventive care. We are the PLA Instructing Center of How to Bear and Rear Better Children. Besides, we can identify disabled children at haidian district in Beijing. There are 22 staff members work for the department, among whom, 5 persons hold senior professional titles,3 persons are doctorial degree owners, and 2 persons are master's degree owners, and 3 persons are master's tutors. The department has 36 patient beds. Ever year, there are more than 40,000 outpatient visits and 1600 inpatients. Xu Hua, female,with a senior professional title,is the director of the department.


  Our staff members are experienced in the field of neonatal care, children digestive trouble, respiratory diseases, and other common diseases. We also offer the following special services:
  1.Diagnosis and treatment patients of gastritis, peptic ulcer and gastrointestinal motility abnormalities using children fibergastroscope and some other techniques.
  2.Being experienced to treat allergic purpura and anaphylatic purpura nephritis with western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. We have done many cases of renal puncture to improve our diagnosis for nephrology.
  3.We have standard neonatal wards and NICU with advanced equipments. Our staff members are experienced in the field of neonatal care. We have cured many cases of asphyxia neonatorum, Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopa (HIE), neonatal intracranial hemorrhage and hemolytic disease of newborn.
  4.We are good at combining western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) when treating childhood asthma, repeatedly respiratory infection, child pneumonia, rhinitis and other allergic diseases.
  5.We use comprehensive methods to rehabilitate cerebral palsy and other dyskinesia children. These methods include Bobath, NPF, rehabilitation facilities, toys, hyperbaric oxygenation, injection type A of botulinum toxin and so on.
  6.We provide healthcare for healthy children.
  7.We use multiple psychometry instrument set to assist diagnosis and treat Tourette syndrom (TS) and minimal brain dysfunction syndrome.


  1.Study on the Effect of the TCM Herbs for Supplementing Qi, Replenishing Spleen, Tonifying Kidney in Children with Mild Recurrent Asthma
  2.Study on the Effect of Maxingshigan Decoction on Embryonic Lung Fibroblast Cells Induced by Adenovirus Type3I、7b
  3.Gastrointestinal Kinetics characteristics of Functional constipation in children before and after treatment
  4.Study on the Psychological Behavior Personality Formation and Influence Factors of Aviators’ Children
  5.Guide for TCM Diagnosis and Treatment of Mucocutaneous lymph Node Syndrome
  6.Guide for TCM Diagnosis and Treatment of low birth-weight infants
  7.The Study on the Association of the Expression of CD25mRNA of Regulating
  T-Cell and IgE Mechanism with Anaphylatoid Purpura of Children
  8.The Affects of Vitamin A on the Expression of CD25mRNA and Cytokines of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell of Pneumonia Children


  Monday morning: Gastroenterology clinic, doctor: XU Hua
  Tuesday morning: child health care, doctor: ZHANG Jun-hong
  Wednesday afternoon: asthma clinic, doctor: WANG Wen-ge
  Thursday morning: Gastroenterology clinic, doctor: XU Hua
  Friday morning: child health care, doctor: ZHANG Jun-hong
  Friday afternoon: doctor: LIU Xiao-yu
  Tuesday morning: nursing clinic, nurse: ZHENG Chun-qian
  Workday: doctor: ZHANG Zhen-ji




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