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The Department of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surge

The Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, the Air Force General Hospital of PLA, was established in 1956 and became the Center for Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Air Force of China in 1996.
There are 34 staff members work for the department, among them, 7 persons hold senior professional titles, and one is a master's tutor. The department has 53 patient beds. Every year, there are more than 40,000 outpatient visits, 1500 inpatients and 1200 cases of operations. Gong Wei-xi, male,with a senior professional title,is the director of the department. We are embarking upon growth and expansion based upon our solid foundation of clinical care, research, and teaching.
Our department continues to attract the best and brightest medical students from many medical colleges. We provide comprehensive training to resident physicians, medical students, and graduates. We create a fantastic environment for our trainees to learn, and ultimately become good doctors in the future.
We maintain and further develop our research preeminence in the area of disorders in otolaryngology-head, neck surgery and the related basic sciences. We have 3 research projects funded respectively by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Beijing Natural Science Foundation, and the 11th 5-year Program Foundation of PLA.


Medical Feature of the Department
We provide a series of services for inpatient and outpatient diagnosis and treatment. Our service deals with the medical treatment of a wide variety of common ear, nose, throat (ENT), head and neck disorders.
1. Ear diseases:
We provide expert diagnosis and management of patients with ear, hearing and vestibular disorders.
Ear diseases range from simple ear infection to chronic ear diseases including cholesteatoma, degeneration and tumors, which are treated surgically sometimes.
Comprehensive hearing assessments include middle and inner ear assessment for the patients with hearing loss. To treat hearing loss, we focus on the restoration and preservation of hearing using the leading-edge treatment technology, such as surgical reconstruction including reconstructive procedures of microtia and aural atresia, audiologic rehabilitation, hearing aids and cochlear implantation.
We provide comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and management of balance and orientation disorders, including dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium, presbystasis (age related imbalance), and Meniere’s disease. The integrated multidisciplinary approaches, including medical treatment, surgical intervention and vestibular rehabilitation, are used in the patients with dizziness and balance disorders.
2. Nose and sinus diseases:
Our physicians provide diagnosis and treatment, including endoscopic sinus surgery and radiofrequency surgery, for patients who suffer from nose and sinus diseases. This includes the evaluation and treatment of septal deviations, rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal bleeding and change in smell, as well as the management of chronic sinusitis and complications of sinus disease in children.
3. Throat diseases:
We provide medical and surgical treatments for patients with throat disorders, including throat infections and lesions, as well as tonsillar and adenoidal enlargement in children.
We provide special care in laryngology. We have a diagnostic and therapeutic voice laboratory, including flexible fiberoptic nasopharyngoscope, video vocal cord movement analysis (stroboscopy). Our physicians provide diagnoses and treatments for a wide range of laryngeal and voice disorders, such as laryngitis, vocal cord nodules or cyst, vocal cord paralysis, dysphonia, vocal cord lesions, and laryngeal airway disorders.
The sleep surgery subspecialty allows us to provide unique evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Multidisciplinary approaches with the sleep center and the oral-maxillary surgery, the medical treatments such as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) and the surgical options such as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty are available.
4. Head & neck surgery:
The head and neck surgery subspecialty deals with the management of head and neck lesions including congenital disorders, inflammatory disorders and neoplasms.
Each year, many patients receive head and neck cancer care at our department. We dedicated to clinical care, research and education in the cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of head and neck cancers. The best surgical and non-surgical therapies are available. We take an interdisciplinary approach to diagnose and treat all types and stages of cancers that occur in larynx, pharynx, thyroid gland, salivary gland, paranasal sinuses, and skull-base. Individualized treatments including surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy for head and neck cancers are provided. We will be able to improve treatment and curative rate of patients with difficult diseases.
The nursing staff members are good at the management and care of patients with ENT, head and neck disorders.
Specialized surgical treatment of salivary gland diseases, including infections, concretion, nodules, lesions, and enlargement of the salivary glands, and thyroid diseases, including thyroid mass, thyroid nodule and thyroid goiter, are available.


Introduction of experts
GONG Weixi
Director of Otorhinolaryngology Department of the Air Force General Hospital, chief physician, professor, the member of the Chinese Medical Association, Head & Neck Committee: Anti-cancer Society of China, Expert Committee of Association for Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgeons of Beijing, , Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Committee of PLA, Editorial Board of Chinese Journal of Surgeon of PLA, Medical Appraisal Committee of Beijing Haidian Area, and Iatric Accident Appraisal Committee of Beijing Haidian Area, he  is an expert  in the field of Rhinology, Head and neck surgery, Pharyngeal and laryngeal surgery and oncology, Palatopharyngoplastic surgery for obstructive sleep apnea, Minimally invasive surgery of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck.He is taking on research project of The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Beijing Natural Science Foundation and the major program of the army Twelfth Five.He published many papers both in English and Chinese and some monographs.

Guo Rui
Deputy director of Otorhinolaryngology Department of the Air Force General Hospital, associate chief physician, associate professor, the member of the Chinese Medical Association, Air Force high-level scientific and technological professional and Air Force injury and handicap appraisal expert, master supervisor of Hebei North University, Anhui Medical University and Liaoning Medical University, editorial member of Chinese Archives of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, International Journal of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, ZhongGuo YiXue WenZhai Er Bi Yan Hou KeXue and Chinese Journal for Clinicians. He is an expert in the field of endoscopic plasma minimally invasive surgery of nasal cavity, paranasal sinus and nasal relevant diseases; plasma minimally invasive surgery for obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome; surgical treatment of function preservation for laryngocarcinoma. He is taking on research project of The National Natural Science Foundation of China, Beijing Natural Science Foundation and the major program of the army Twelfth Five. He published more than 30 papers in journals and three monographs.


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