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The Department of Endocrinology

  The Department of Endocrinology mainly treat the common and frequently-occurring diseases of endocrine system. There are 26 staff members work for the department, among whom, 4 persons hold senior professional titles, 1 person is a doctorial degree owner, 2 persons are master's degree owners, and 3 persons are master's tutors. The department has 35 patient beds. Every year, there are more than 30,000 outpatient visits , about 600 inpatients. Guan Xiao-hong, male,with a senior professional title,is the director of the department. we also receive 20-30 students for medical continuous education per year. We are good at treatment of endocrine metabolic disease and diabetes, especially treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, diabetic vascular diseases and diabetic foot. In addition to medical task, we actively carry out the clinical and experimental research of diabetic peripheral vascular lesions and diabetes foot gangrene. Diabetes health trainings have been held monthly, and the national diabetes health trainings have been held 6 times. Also, our department is the training base of Beijing diabetes nurses. More than 120 articles, 5 monographs were published, and the department has been honored with 9 army awards for medical achievements.
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  The Endocrinology Department mainly treat the common and frequently-occurring diseases of endocrine system. We first use the anisodamine etc. to improve the microcirculation in China since 1985. We combine anti-infection with local treatment methods to treat the diabetic foot gangrene comprehensively, which set a precedent in diabetic foot therapy. With 25 years'continuous development, we are quite unique in the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular lesions complication both at home and abroad and have achieved good clinical and social effects. Especially for diabetes foot gangrene research and treatment, we have been praised by endocrine professionals in the major hospitals. We have treated 30000 patients with diabetes foot at home and abroad, accumulated abundant experience. The general curative rate of diabetic foot gangrene is 95%, and amputation rate is only 1.7 percent ,which is high level in the world.
  We applied lower limb artery intervention and autologous stem cell transplantation to treat diabetes peripheral vascular disease and diabetes foot in 2005.
  We carried out the ultrasound ablation to cure diabetic peripheral vascular disease and diabetes foot in 2006.
  With these new technologies and treatments for clinical use, the therapeutic effect of the diabetic peripheral vascular lesions and diabetes foot treatment was improved and the amputation rate and morbidity of diabetes foot was reduced greatly.
  The director Guan Xiaohong will lead staff members of the department to provide wholeheartedly all patients with the best service.


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