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The Department of Orthopedics

1.Department Introduction
  The Department of Orthopedics has improved greatly these years. Now, it has gradually became a domestic first-class department which is good at spinal surgery and joint surgery. There are about 30 staff members work for the department, among whom,7 persons hold senior professional titles, 7 persons are doctorial degree owners, 4 persons are master’s degree owners. The department has 80 patient beds. Every year, there are more than 8000 outpatient visits,1200 inpatients and 1000 operations. Wu Ji, male,with a senior professional title,is the director of the department. The department is the clinical teaching base for Chinese Medical University, the Forth Military Medical University, and for orthopedic postgraduates.
2.Academic Exchange
Over the past decade, we successively had academic exchanges with American, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japan, Hong Kong ,etc. The director of the department ,professor Wu Ji has carried out following operations, such as anterior-posterior cervical spinal operations; anterior-posterior thoracic and lumbar spinal operations; artificial hip, knee replacement and knee joint revision; We have carried out a series of operations of traumatic orthopedics,the anterior-posterior operations to cure various spine deformity and tumor of spine, etc. We have get rewards from some academic institutions such as SICOT、ISS、JOA.
Spine-cervical vertebra :1)Anterior oral cavity approach and posterior neck approach for semiluxation of circo-axis vertebrae;2)Anterior approach cervical diskectomy and CAGE implantation;3)Anterio-posterior approach for cervical congenital scoliosis of hemivertebra;4)Surgical treatment of upper cervical vertebrae tumor and nickelclad internal fixation;5)Expansive open-door laminoplasty of cervical spine for cervical spinal stenotic myelopathy;6)the clinical treatment of cervical ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament with ablation of anterior cervical vertebrae and bone grafting;7)The application of cervical anterior internal fixation devices in lower cervical vertebrae tumor and cervical reconstruction.
  vertebra thoracalis:1)the application of pedicle replacement in upper vertebra thoracalis;2)the anterior-posterior excision of thoracalis cancer and spine reconstruction.
Lumbar spine:1)Anterior surgery treatment of lumbar tumour;2)anterior fusion and posterior fixation to treat lumbar fracture.
  Sacrum: radical resection of huge cancer in sacrum.
Spine malformation:1)Discectomy of hemivertebrae and spinal fusion surgery treatment of congenital scoliosis;2) Discectomy of hemivertebrae and mechanotherapy treatment of congenital scoliosis in children;3)Anterior correction of idiopathic scoliosis.
  Joint surgery:1)Total Hip Replacement(THR),Revision for THR;2)THR for elderly patients(the oldest is 97years old);3)Revision for THR of tumor.
  Knee:1)Total-Knee-Replacement;2)one operation for both TKR;3)Gibel plate and THO treatment for various deformity of adult knees;4)Joint cartilage“Mosaic”plastic treatment for cartilage loss;5)B-T-B technique to reconstruct anterior cruciate ligament.
  Traumatic Orthopedics:
  1)Interlocking intramedullary nails for long bone shaft fractures of limbs;2)AO and LINK clavicle hook plate treatment for acromioclavicular joints;3) Gamma nail and PFN treatment of proximal femoral fractures;4) Femoral neck fracture closing and hollow nail fixition;5) Pelvic fractures of open reduction and various internal fixation ;6)Various outside fixation in limbs;7) DHS and DCS application in proximal femoral fractures and distal femoral fractures;8)The absorbable screws on four limbs and articular fractures;9) "H"-shape extention revision and intramedullary nail for physical deformities .
4.new techniques:
  Intervertebral nucleus pulposus excision, prosthetic disc nucleus (PDN) implantation technology, minimally invasive percutaneous balloon expansion of bone cement vertebral molding of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures, pedicle nail hook system treatment for lumbar spondylolysis, the limb fixation (LCP) technology and minimally invasive fixed system (LISS) to treat long bone fractures.
  In order to meet the increasing requirements of medical patient care. We will expand beds, at the same time introduce more advanced medical equipment, carry out more difficult surgery, wholeheartedly provide the patients with high quality medical services.



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