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The Clinical Laboratory Center

  The Clinical Laboratory Center is responsible for testing all the samples from the hospital’s patients , including routine testing (blood, urine and stool ) , biochemistry, immunology, cytology and molecular biology laboratories.
  There are 40 staff members work for the department, among whom,8 persons hold senior professional titles, 1 person is doctorial degree owner, 10 persons are master’s degree owners, now there are 2 master's tutors in the center.
  The center is equipped with fully automatic blood cell analyzer, coagulometer, urine analyzer, biochemical analyzer, fully automated microplate reader, special protein analyzer, chemiluminescence instrument, PCR and cell culture analyzer and so on. The instruments meet the basic requirement for the analysis of the conventional testing and molecular biology.
  We apply advanced technology in clinical examination. The center launched earlier fully automated blood analysis, biochemical analysis, immunoassay, automatic enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay detection, nephelometry determination of special protein, tumor marker protein chip determination, the genetic testing of pathogenic micro-organisms, HLA-B27, HLA gene matching and so on. More than 100 papers and more than 10 monographs have been published at home and abroad, the center was awarded with the second prize of military scientific and technological progress.
  The center is the member of China Society for Microbiology, Biophysical Society of China, Beijing Institute of Immunology , Beijing Physiological Science, Beijing Institute of Microbiology,  Institute of Medical Laboratory of the People's Liberation Army, respectively. There are 4 members of journal editorial board of the "Chinese Journal of Microbiology and Immunology" ,and " Journal of Luminescence " in the center.
  Under the hospital leadership, medical staff of the center provide clinicians with convenient service, strive to improve test quality,  actively apply  new technology , and promote cooperation and development .
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