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The Department of Clinical Nutrition

The Department of Clinical Nutrition of Air Force General Hospital was established in 1995. Now there are 5 dieticians working for the department, among whom, 1 person is a master’ degree owner, 2 persons hold medium-grade professional titles.
The department has won 1 third prize of the Military Awards for Advances in Science & Technology. More than 20 academic papers and 5 books have been published.


Medical Features of the Department
Medical nutrition therapy and dietary guidance to diabetic patients
Nutritional support for the patients with other metabolic diseases, malnutrition and those who can’t intake foods normally or special nutrition counseling service
Nutrition guidance, the body weight management and body component analysis of pregnant women


Jing Hongjiang
Jing Hongjiang, member of the Youth Committee of Chinese Nutrition Society, attending physician, director of the Department of Clinical Nutrition. He is good at medical nutrition therapy and dietary guidance of DM, gout, pancreatitis, post-operation of stomach resection, meanwhile nutritional support of the elderly and patients fed by tube or suffered from severe cases. He has published more than 10 papers as first author and 5 books as participated author.


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